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A long time ago, CEO Michael Harvey and many of the Simplicity partners all worked for a company called The Federated Software Group (FSG). Over the course of 10 years or so, FSG became one of the leading technology companies in the St. Louis area. The FSG team was truly composed of the top talent in the area. FSG paid above average wages, allowed telecommuting, and was secure in that 99% of their business was government contracts. FSG was a magnet for over achievers. Well, in 2007, Boeing acquired FSG and took over the Government contracts. This left all of FSG’s commercial business on the table. Mr. Harvey immediately resigned from FSG and aggressively pursued the commercial clients that were left behind. And so, Simplicity Software LLC was born.

Today, Simplicity Software still follows the practices that we learned from the executives at FSG. We have cherry picked the top talent from the St. Louis area and today, 80% of our staff comes from old colleagues at FSG. Our team is second to none!

Let’s create your company’s growth strategy together!

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.


Craig Mason

Craig is our resident Wine maker. In addition to making some fantastic specialty wines, Craig also one of the best engineers that we have ever met. When he was joining our team, Bill said ” I don’t think there is a problem that you can give Craig that he can’t solve.” and Mike likes to say, “Craig’s stuff just works!”


Scott Orloski

Scott Orloski comes to Simplicity Software after a long career at Cracker Barrel. CEO Mike Harvey once said, “Every software team has race horses, plow horses and a couple donkeys.” Scott is truly one of our race horses. We can’t feed him work fast enough. Every time we turn around, Scott is done. That is quite a compliment!


John Calla

Hailing from New Jersey, John Calla is our most recent partner. We met John several years ago while working on a project for Nassau County New York. John is another race horse on our team and he is fluent in just about everything. John is one of our research and development leaders. You can find John in PHP, .net, AWS, APIs, REST, DBs’, oAuth, Swagger, and just about everything else.


Mike Rooney

Mike Rooney is an old colleague of ours and comes to Simplicity Software from RT Sports. Mike has extensive experience with high volume web sites and has the knowledge to make your site expand and scale on demand. As a senior engineer, he is the guy you want on your team!


Gene Stone

Gene is responsible for the Simplicity Software IoT department. Gene started his career with Emerson Electric and that experience has prepared him for the ongoing IoT projects. Nowadays, you can find Gene programming US Motors with a Blue Tooth connection from an Android phone. That is pretty Geeky.


Tom Haag

Tom is our Creative Director and Graphic Artist. He is responsible for all aspects of our Digital Marketing team.


Our mission is simple: make technology an asset for your business not a problem. Too many times we have seen other IT consulting firms recommend solutions that are not appropriate and at exorbitant prices. As we talk with clients we are continually amazed at the prices and services that our competitors provide. In order to accomplish our mission, we shall provide an outstanding work environment by eliminating the mundane task that are all too common for large companies. We shall pay our partners above average salaries and provide a atmosphere of telecommuting. Eliminating common overhead cost allows us to pass these savings along to our clients and usually provides a savings of 25% to our clients.

Honesty, integrity and a hand shake are everything to us!


The team at Simplicity Software loves the word “Integrity”. At Simplicity Software we take “our word” and “our handshake” seriously. It means everything to us. If we look you in the eye and tell you something will happen, you can bank on it. You wont find us hiding behind excuses or contracts, that is just not who we are.

We are a little old school, but that is the way we like it.

We are TRUSTED by some of the top names in the World!
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