App Development

Leverage The Power Of Apps And Extend Your Business To Mobile Devices


Enhance Your App With Custom Features

Find out what custom features we can build for you. Let your imagination run wild!

Enhance Your App With Custom Features

Find out what custom features we can build for you. Let your imagination run wild!

Data Management

In today’s digital world, managing your data is a critical process that cant be ignored. Your data must have integrity, security, and rapid availability. Let Simplicity Software be your data management partner!

API Integration

API’s are HOT! Today, every major Software as a Service vendor must have a robust API. Simplicity Software has developed and consumed thousands of API’s for our clients. To successfully integrate your app today, API’s are a must!

OAuth 2 Professionals

Lets face it;
OAuth 2 is the DMV of the internet. You have to have it, but it is extremely painful! Simplicity Software has developed several OAuth 2 compliant servers and we can build one for you too!


Can you imagine your phone not sending text messages nor push notifications. Where would today’s youth be without notifications from their mobile devices. Let us show you how to use AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) to deliver your message!


Unfortunately, to build your application natively, in today’s world you have to build it twice. Fortunately, Simplicity Software has an in house IOS team and an in house Android team. Our teams collaborate together to provide you with the most cost effective solution possible.


If cost is an issue, lets throw your mobile app to our cross platform team of experts. Simplicity Software has experts in the Xamarin framework and for many clients, this is an excellent option. Contact us today to see if Xamarin is an option for you!

Custom Analytics

Simplcity Software can help you leverage the value of your application data by transforming it into useful information and making it readily accessible to the decision decision-makers. Custom reporting within our apps is just what we do.


What good is an API if your clients can’t find it, nor understand it. By far the best API’s on the internet today are those API’s with robust and accurate documentation. That is shy we always dynamically build our discovery pages with Swagger. Let us show you how we keep our discovery documents up to date.

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