Internet Of Things (IOT)

IoT: Hardware, M2M, Integration with Existing Web Infrastructure, and Mobility

The Internet of Things (IoT) or the world of connected devices and objects has marked the start of the smart world. Everything is going smart, HVAC, Tractors, motors, and just about any type of machine.  Simplicity Software with its talented engineers fits perfectly into this smart picture. Simplicity Software’s team stands as the convergence point for companies looking to put together all the pieces of an IoT puzzle.


Simplicity Software deals with multiple communication interfaces and networking protocols — be it AWS Greengrass, Blue Tooth, WiFi, or others — to help you turn static machines into a vault of real-time data.


Simplicity Software and their team of experts have vast experience with securely connecting all your devices into one seamless solution. Oauth 2 and REST API’s allows your devices to securely connect and communicate.


IoT solutions today need the full circle of deployment options. Simplicity Software can get the data from your devices to the market in all the common applications. We can delivery your data to mobile, web and thick client applications seamless and effectively.

Connecting the Dots into Advanced IoT Systems

Simplicity Software is no stranger to hardware design and system architecture. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures that we will develop a custom solution that optimizes your performance by scaling your application based upon demand. 

We work with all the COOL KIDS to develop your project

Recent IoT Projects

PROTECH Motor Programmer

The PROTECH Motor Programming App and Kit streamlines programming of a motor. Developed for use in residential and light commercial blower motor replacement applications, the motor, programming app and tool work together to help the HVAC service contractor too:

  • Identify a motor’s particular horsepower ratings and operating parameters (ex. torque load, fan speed, rotation direction)
  • Program a replacement motor to mimic that original performance profile
  • Stock a smaller range of motors and use them to replace nearly any original blower motor
  • Program and install a blower motor directly at the point of replacement, versus off site or in the shop
  • The PROTECH Motor Programming App is driven by a continuously updated database populated with hundreds of OEM motor profiles.

Powered by a robust, cloud-based web service, the PROTECH Programming App can be accessed via any smartphone or compatible WiFi-enabled device.

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