Slack Guidelines

Wait, where is this Community?

We’re hanging out in our own Slack team (pretty sweet!). Sign up anytime! Once you get the invite, you can download the Slack desktop app, mobile app, or just go to Slack and sign in to stay on top of Community discussions.

Slack Team Name: simplicitysoftware

Slack URL:

What is the purpose of our Slack community?

While there are a ton of websites out there that offer help in the way of forums, bulletin boards, question and answer sites. We found out that this is not ideal when someone is trying to get a problem resolved quickly. That is why we started our own Slack channel. It is real-time chat where users can quickly and efficiently get help with their website related questions.

How do I join your Slack community

Simple. Click the “JOIN OUR COMMUNITY” link below and accept the invitation.

Close out that window and check your email. There will be an invitation link in the email.

Click it and it will take you to a Slack sign up page. Enter your Name and a Username.

Enter a Password and accept the Terms and Agreements….and your in!

Someone posted something that’s offensive and/or rude. What do I do?

Let us know as soon as you can! You can message any of the admins or anyone from the Simplicity team. We’ll take care of it right away. No funny business here.

Speaking of funny business—what are the rules of this Community? Can you edit or delete my posts?

Glad you asked! We take safety and inclusivity seriously in this Community. Although we won’t edit your posts, admins can delete them. Our primary policy is to lead with respect on all counts. We reserve the right to delete posts that contain:

Rude or offensive commentary

Nudity or graphic content

Anything that can be described as “trolling”

Anything that can be described as “spammy”

We reserve the right to ban any members who have repeatedly made posts or comments that we deem offensive, rude, or go against these guidelines.

Always be supportive and helpful to others

Speak to others the way you’d like them to speak to you

Remember that we all started somewhere

Assume others’ best intentions

I have so many more questions. Who do I go to?

Shoot us an email at! We’ll take it from there 🙂


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