Our List of Services

The WordPress framework provides us with a flexible platform to build robust functionality into your website. What does that mean to you and your business? Simply put, we can develop websites that better suit your needs in a faster time frame, reducing the cost of development.

Software Development

Simplicity Software has expertise in a wide variety of areas related to software such as Amazon Web Services, API’s, Jenkins, OAuth 2,  and Swagger. We can help with development, consulting, training and speakers. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Website Development

Simplicity Software has worked on variety of WordPress based websites and we are known for high quality custom designed sites that are fast, attractive and mobile friendly. Our team is a team of professional designers and we have years of design and development experience.

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Website Re-design

If you think your site needs a face-lift then this service is for you. We will take that boring out-dated site and update it with contemporary colors, buttons, fonts, icons, etc.

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Website Maintenance

Lets face it if your running a WordPress website, you know that updates happen all the time, and from time-to-time something may break. No worries, we can maintain your website and keep things running smoothly.

Website Training

We can provide training to help you and your team create and maintain your own website through custom made videos, conference calls, and Google Hangouts! *We will even come to you, additional fees may apply.


We know there will be questions after you take the wheel of your new website, so we want to be there for you during this important time to help you in any way we can.

SSL Installation

SSL is more important than ever these days not to mention Google is ranking websites based on them having an SSL certificate, however installing them can be a daunting task. Don’t worry we will install it properly so you get the GREEN padlock in the browser bar.

Logo Design

Every website has a logo, save yourself tons of time and let us do the designing for you. You get 10 different logo designs to choose from, pick one and well do 5 revisions on any one concept, plus you get the Vector Ai, PSD, PNG, JPEG, and EPS files as well.

Banner Ads

We can create pretty sweet banner ads so you can get your brand out there. Banner ad sets include 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 250 x 250, 200 x 200, 336 x 280, 300 x 250, 120 x 600 and you get to keep the editable PSD file for future use.

How Your Project is Handled

Every project that we are blessed with always starts with these four principles in mind. Because we know that if you don’t look good, we don’t look good. Therefore, you can rest assured that when it is launch time that you and your business is being represented at its best on every device.


All great relationships start with a chat. Online or over a coffee, there’s no better way of getting to know each other. We’ll listen to your ideas, offer advice and present solutions to meet and exceed your needs.


Strategise, plan and execute. We create concepts that challenge your ideas and get you thinking differently. We work with you to refine them so that they say the right things and have you grinning from ear to ear.


From beautiful brands to exciting websites, we design with flair, care and attention to detail. We’ve listened, we’ve planned, now we turn those ideas into reality.


In pixels or on paper, our projects are delivered with the minimum of fuss using a finally tuned process. We keep you posted at every stage, giving you the confidence that we’ll deliver your projects on time, every time.


From software development projects to website design, we have solutions that will fit your needs.

WEB DEVELOPMENT: In short, the best designs around!

We build websites for new and existing businesses. So whether you have a new business that is just starting out, or you have an existing site that needs updated, you can count on us to represent your business at it very best on the web on every device.
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MOBILE APPS: Yep, we build those too!

Do i need a mobile presence, is like asking in 1999 whether you need a website! If you want to maximize your business opportunities, you need to develop your marketing plan for a mobile audience. Simplicity Software can help.

IOS and Android

Simplicity Software designs and develops high-quality iPhone and Android applications for some of the world’s greatest companies. Mobile development is one of our core competencies and we specialize in architecture solutions of all shapes and sizes. API’s and cloud servers are behind all mobile applications and that is where we truly shine!

Internet of Things (IoT)

From your thermostat and garage door to your car or office furnace to your teachers tablet or doctor’s medical tools,
wireless technology is leaping beyond the phone to connect the world around us to the Internet. Simplicity Software engineers are leaders in IoT and we can help you understand this exciting new trend. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Quotes for Your Day

The engineers at Simplicity Software have an average of 25 years of experience. We are a small company with tons of experience and while gaining that experience, we have been exposed to tons of languages and tools. Some of our favorites are below.

OAuth registration is the DMV of the Internet.
Our mission is to kill the Excel spreadsheet” …One release later… “Screw it, if they wanna do it their way, just let them export to Excel
Zaid Farooqui, CrystalMD
When your in a hole, the first thing to do is to put down the shovel.
Here are the steps for installing Java on a Windows box. If your using Linux, your probably smart enough to do it yourself. If your using a Mac, why are you in a computer science class?
Iowa State Professor, Iowa State
Every software development team has race horses, plow horses and a couple donkeys.

OPERATION: Project Rescue

Unfortunately, you are not alone; software projects have a success rate of about 42%. If your current in-house or outsourced software or web development project is behind schedule or over budget, chances are we can bring the necessary resources and expertise to get your project back on schedule and get the job done.

CODE NAME: Dream Team

Simplicity Software LLC. is a highly skilled software development company based out of St. Louis, Missouri. We have more than 50 years combined professional programming experience!

Mike Harvey

senior engineer


Craig Mason

senior engineer


Bill Hainaut

senior engineer


Scott Sorloski

senior engineer


Mike Rooney

senior engineer


Mark Reinbolt

senior engineer



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