Simplicity Software, a leading software development company, is proud to announce a partnership with Rheem Manufacturing, a global leader in heating, cooling, water heating, and commercial refrigeration solutions.

As part of the partnership, Simplicity Software will develop and maintain the my.rheem.com dashboard, a web-based platform that allows Rheem customers to access and manage their products and services online. The dashboard will provide features such as:

  • Product registration and warranty information
  • Service and maintenance scheduling and reminders
  • Energy usage and savings reports
  • Remote control and monitoring of smart devices
  • Customer support and feedback

The my.rheem.com dashboard will enhance the customer experience and satisfaction, as well as improve the efficiency and performance of Rheem products. Simplicity Software will leverage its expertise and experience in web development, user interface design, and data analytics to create a user-friendly and secure dashboard that meets the needs and expectations of Rheem customers.

Simplicity Software and Rheem Manufacturing share a vision of delivering innovative and reliable solutions that improve the quality of life and the environment. Through this partnership, they aim to strengthen their market position and reputation, as well as create new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Gage Nederhood, Michael Harvey, Matthew Thiele, Colten Schneider, Vince Jackson, Justin Foster

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